3,287.18 days



Over 3, 287 days.  9 years.  As of today, that is how long I have been married.  Sure, when you commit to a marriage you give up some things, but the things you gain far outweigh those that you lose.  Since we have been married, I have gained 23 lbs.  That is a gain I could have done without, but it is there nonetheless.  I have gained a lifelong companion.   I have gained someone that understands me.  I have gained memories that will never be forgotten, even as we create more.  I have gained a pet name that I’ll keep to myself.  I have gained the wonderful opportunity to be called “daddy”.  I have gained so much, and it breaks my heart to see so many marriages give up so easily.  Because in the end, when you fight through all the difficult times, the gains are incredible.

Newlyweds, enjoy your one on one time together before you start a family.  The family life is great, but create memories you can cherish with your spouse.  You will still be able to do this after a family has been started, but the opportunities will be few and far between.  And it changes so quickly.  Leslie and I were celebrating New Year’s Eve in the middle of Times Square in 2007, and then at the exact time in 2008, just one year later, we were at the hospital bringing our first child into the world.  It all happened so fast and everything changed.  Of course, life goes on, and changes are good, but again, I wasn’t prepared for the swiftness of the change.  Then 2 years later, it all changed again with the birth of our first son.  Then about another two years later, it changed yet again with the birth of our third, and final, child.

These 3, 287 days have been a blur, but they have been awesome.  I know that I wake up next to someone every morning that loves me and supports me and understands me.  I know that even though we may not agree on everything, we will make it through anything.  That is a good feeling, but I also realize you’ve got to fight for what you want.  Marriage isn’t easy.  It is awesome, but it isn’t easy.  Nothing that is great comes free, and I think too many newlywed couples assume that it does.  Be ready to fight.  If you aren’t willing to fight for your marriage, then maybe you should reconsider the union created by God.

So fight.  Fight for the one you love.  Don’t give up.  I married a woman that I know will fight with me when the dark side of marriage pokes out its ugly head.  That is a good feeling.

Though our lives are hectic, we make sure that our kids understand our love for one another, and that is important to me.  Our kids already know and understand that they will not be able to wedge between us.  They know they will always respect their mother or they will have to deal with me.  They know we are a united front.  Without us, there is no them, and they understand that.  And that is as important to Leslie and it is to me.

So Happy Anniversary Leslie!  These 3, 287 days have been incredible.   As one of my favorite movie characters ever once said, “You complete me.” I am reminded everyday about how we are meant to be together.  We have created some great memories.   And I look forward to making more incredible memories until death do us part.


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